You’re a high-vibe dreamer who loves food and feeding people.

You may also had a love/hate relationship with food.

You know you want to get more comfortable with food: cooking, preserving, having food security and expressing your love for, and with, food.

Fact is… there are just some things you just can’t do alone and some things that take time to nurture. You need your people around you, resources, and support.

Maybe you’re working with a small budget and can’t buy organic or pasture-raised. Maybe you need to learn certain skills that will help you preserve or grow more of your own food. Or maybe you just want to get more comfortable with the role that food plays in your life.

Girl, I see you.

I’m Kim, and I know all about what you’re feeling. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me.

    • I’ve been a closet foodie all my life, but because I’ve always been a little…thick…I never felt like I could “come out” as loving food because, you know, JUDGEMENT. I’ve struggled with my weight, and with food, all my life. Now, I’ve decided to embrace myself – and explore my relationship with food.

    • I didn’t learn to cook growing up, nor am I an expert by any stretch! I had a grandmother who grew up in the depression and cooked basic but yummy meals and had a love for food. I also had a great grandmother who opened her own candy shop way back when and made her own products for the shop. I think my love for food, cooking, and preserving is genetic. 😉


    • My son’s Nonna was one who ignited my love of cooking. Having been born and raised in Italy, this woman could create miracles in the kitchen. She graciously let me follow her around her kitchen sharing what she was doing and how to make certain dishes. I’ll never forget the first dish she taught me how to make – mushrooms! A little olive oil, some fresh garlic, salt and pepper, and mushrooms. She sprinkled on some fresh chopped parsley and it was an explosion of flavour in my mouth! I didn’t know that food could taste like that.

    • I’m also a medium and psychic. I’ve had “the gift” (and it is!) my whole life but only recently began to talk about it, do readings for friends, and acknowledge my spirit team. No, I don’t do it professionally (at this point) but that may happen in the future.

    • I have a deep love for animals. We have a rescue named Petey who had a tragic start to life but was luckily rescued off the street. He’s been part of our family since 2010. When it’s warm outside he loves to hang with me while I garden and he’s definitely living his best life.

    I started Food Is My Love Language because I wanted to practice vulnerability and explore the role that food plays in our lives. You see, I’m extremely competent in my marketing & tech business, but putting myself out there (in a non-expert fashion) scares the shit out of me! I wanted to create a safe space of you, and others like you, to get comfortable with exploring food. As we know, growth happens outside of our comfort zone.



    So there it is, friend – a little about me and a glimpse into my world.  I’m glad you stopped by and hope we get to connect one day.

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